Two Digits Countdown Timer Series Malaysia

  • Available in learning, adaptive or communicative version
  • Ability to be synchronized with any traffic signal controller
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Transparent poly-carbonate optical lens – impact resistant
  • High intensity LED light source – low energy consumption 7.5mm LED (DIP) by EPISTARM
  • Long life cycle – more than 80,000 working hours
  • Highly durable poly-carbonate housing; UV-light resistant
  • Fixation system with aluminum mounting brackets
  • Compliance with CE, RoHS, EN12368, ISO9001

Product Details

Two Digits Countdown Timer Series Malaysia – The countdown meters remind driver and pedestrian of the waiting time thought counting down numbers to effective reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

  • Ultra thin design, light-weight cold-rolled steel housing, lighting-protection design
  • Novelty structure and excellent appearance
  • Multilayer-sealed, water and dust proof, anti-vibration, low power consumption, long life
  • The core circuit is controlled by SCM. The countdown can conduct stable operation by adopting “Watchdog”
    software and anti-disturbing measure
  • Various installation ways for different condition. It is quite convenient for construction installation
  • No need to connect other power supply, but directly connected to the traffic signal
  • It is extremely convenient to repair and change the components through modularization assembling
  • Unique optical system, large visual angle, even-distributed chromaticity, long-distance visibility, using high
    brightness LED in display part, stable performance, ideal display effect, compliance with GAT508-2004
    and related international standards

Product Specification

Model No of LEDs Digit Height Number Display Range of
viewing conditions
Power Consumption Unit Dimension (mm) Package Carton
Dimension (M)
546 pcs Approx.
0 – 9 Approx. 300M ≤40W Approx.
800 x 600 x 100
0.89 x 0.67 x 0.23
(Red + Green)
Red: 546 pcs
Green: 336 pcs
Approx. 550mm 0 – 9 Approx. 300M Red: ≤40W
Green: ≤40W
800 x 600 x 100
0.89 x 0.67 x 0.23
(Red + Green + Yellow)
Red: 546 pcs
Green: 336 pcs
Yellow: 294 pcs
Approx. 550mm 0 – 9 Approx. 300M Red: ≤40W
Green: ≤40W
Yellow: ≤40W
800 x 600 x 100
0.89 x 0.67 x 0.23

Product Dimension



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